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Selected Media Coverage of Justice David Schenck

See Justice Schenck on The Jeff Crilley Show (Feb. 14, 2020)

"Texas Republicans have the opportunity to choose a deeply experienced, staunchly conservative appellate justice to serve on the Texas Supreme Court" (We recommend David Schenck in the GOP primary for Supreme Court, Place 9, Houston Chronicle, Feb. 2022)

"We give our recommendation to Schenck in part because of his experience on the bench, but largely because of his devotion to reforming political fundraising for judges." (Our recommendation in the Republican primary for Texas Supreme Court, place 9, Dallas Morning News, Feb. 2022)

“That’s quite a pedigree for any judicial candidate”... "He is running a campaign that is rare for a judicial candidate. He is pointing out that Texas law allows law firms to give donations to judges who hear their cases."... "Courts are supposed to be impartial and nonpartisan, and that gives them their credibility. Judges are supposed to decide on reason and facts, not favors and contributions".... “The state has the power and the obligation to eliminate this appearance. Other states have acted.” ("The verdict is in. This judge rules", A top Texas judge, running for state Supreme Court, campaigns against a pay-for-play culture, Dave Lieber for Dallas Morning News, Jan. 2022), (DMN_Lieber_Pay_Per_Play.pdf)

"Schenck wants to close this massive ethical hole that Austin has created" (Stop law firm donations to judges or on, Jan. 2022)

Justice David Schenck "is a skilled and competent judge with over 25 years in private practice and government service". (TLR Advocate Fall 2021) (TLR_Advocate_Fall_2021_Houston_We_Have_a_Problem.pdf,

"Justice Schenck does not pull punches" where the rights of Texans to independent and impartial justice is concerned. (Controversy Erupts in Dallas Court of Appeals, Dallas Court of Appeals Meltdown, Part 2, Personal Jurisdiction Case Once Again Reveals Rift in Dallas Court of Appeals, Texas Civil Justice League)

David Schenck proposed structural reforms of Texas Judiciary (Intermediate Appellate Courts in Texas: A System Needing Structural Repair, Texas for Lawsuit Reform Foundation).

"Texas Republicans had echoed Roberts in their early efforts to preserve their political maps. [...] "Texas has evolved into something that people living here in 1965 [...] would scarcely recognize". (Redistricting Texas, Texas Tribune) 

Justice Schenck's decision determines "precisely what the legislation said and not say", and urges Plano to give up its five-year battle to preserve its long term development plan. (Plano, here is why it's time to stop fighting residents who despise your master development plan, The Dallas Morning News)

Justice Schenck "writes of the groundbreaking prosecution, saying appellate courts in this state have never been presented with a case like this before.” (Life Sentence Upheld on Appeal for Christopher Duntsch aka Dr Death, D Magazine)

"Republican Justice David Schenck is arguably the most qualified Justice who's ever sat on the 5th Court of Appeals" (Texas Lawyer, 2015)

"The game has changed, says David J. Schenck, author of a Heller amicus brief for 40 state firearms associations". (Bringing Lawyers, Guns and Money, ABA Journal)

"David Schenck, an attorney for the mothers said, CPS workers had a decision to make when they arrived at the ranch: identify all the men who might be [...] abusers or seize all the children." (Agency under Magnifying Glass over Sect Raid, NBC News)  

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