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About Justice Schenck


Since his appointment by Gov. Perry, Justice David Schenck has been a proven conservative and a thought leader in the Texas judiciary. He also served as Deputy Attorney General for Legal Counsel, Commissioner of the Texas Lottery, and currently serves as Chairman of the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct, the body responsible for oversight of the State Judiciary. 

His track record leaves no doubt about his commitment to the Constitution, the rule of law, and the right of all Texans to an honest, competent, and impartial judiciary. As the TLR Advocate recently summarized, he "is a skilled and competent judge with over 25 years in private practice and government service".

"Republican Justice David Schenck is arguably the most qualified Justice who's ever sat on the 5th Court of Appeals" (Texas Lawyer, 2015)


Justice Schenck has been tested and proven that he does not bow to pressure or yield to efforts to compromise his oath. Even a cursory review of his opinions confirms his commitment to all the people of Texas. As the Texas Civil Justice League recently observed "Justice Schenck does not pull punches" where the rights of Texans to independent and impartial justice are concerned.

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"Texas Republicans have the opportunity to choose a deeply experienced, staunchly conservative appellate justice to serve on the Texas Supreme Court" (Houston Chronicle, Feb. 2022)

"We give our recommendation to Schenck in part because of his experience on the bench, but largely because of his devotion to reforming political fundraising for judges." (Dallas Morning News, Feb. 2022)

“That’s quite a pedigree for any judicial candidate”.
"He is running a campaign that is rare for a judicial candidate. He is pointing out that Texas law allows law firms to give donations to judges who hear their cases.“
(Dave Lieber for Dallas Morning News, Jan. 2022)

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David Schenck and his wife are proud parents of two wonderful children who attend Dallas public schools