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Recommended by the Houston Chronicle and Dallas Morning New and endorsed by former President Trump during the primary campaign, former Justice David Schenck is the only candidate with a record of service and fairness as a judge.  

As a leading appellate lawyer, during  his eight years on Dallas Court of Appeals, as Deputy Attorney General, and as Chairman of the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct he has been an unwavering advocate for a fair and competent judiciary.  He has repeatedly and loudly called for critical and long overdue ethics and rule reforms to end pay-for-play justice that undermines public confidence in the judiciary.  

Justice Schenck is a constitutionalist and committed to the idea that all citizens are entitled to be heard — and especially to be heard by judges who are free from the appearance of bias and sufficiently competent in the law to understand, apply and explain it in manner that promotes, rather than degrades, the public’s faith in the operation of the government and its fidelity to the rule of law.

For more information about Justice Schenck please read Meet Justice Schenck

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